The Artificial Grass AGH Team

Artifcial Grass Helderberg AGH has 3 active artificial grass installation teams

Paul Viljoen – Installation  Manager

Paul Viljoen is Artifcial Grass Helderberg site manager and has installed over 500+ Artifcial Grass projects across Cape Town since 2015 – Paul is also our leading expert in Landscaping, Sports Turf, School Landscaping and Multi-Sport Turf layouts

Chris Kruger – Sales & Accounts Manager

Chris Kruger is Artificial Grass Helderberg sales & accounts manager, Chris is a professional landscaping layout designer with years of experience in Artifcial Grass profiles, He has also to be an expert in Multi-Sport Turf layout design as also managing the entire AGH stock

Edna Conn – Administrator 

Edna Conn is Artifcial Grass Helderberg AGH administrator and coordinator, She is also the sale assistant and personal assistant of Chris Kruger and Paul Viljoen 

Installation  Team